round cake pans

Wilton Aluminum Performance Pans Set

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Set of 6-Piece Round Shape Baking Pans 6"-16" (3" DEEP)

$ 144.99

Set of 5 Tier Round Multilayer Cake Tins

$ 29.99

Set of 4 Tier Round Multi-layer Birthday Wedding Anniversary Cake Tins...

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Set of 11 Tier Round Multilayer Cake Tins Pans

$ 200

Professional Round Aluminum Cake Pans Baking Tins

$ 6.99

Cake pans are a staple item in every household kitchen. These pans come in several different shapes and sizes, the most common of which include square, rectangular, or round pans. There are also some fancier pans or molds such as those used for pound cakes, upside down cakes or heart cakes.

Although you can pretty much use any pan for any kind of dessert or savory dish, it is best that you use the standard pans for certain dishes to achieve the most classic and optimum result (unless of course, you like to experiment, then, by all means, go ahead!). Keep reading to find out all there is to know about traditional round cake pans!


Choosing Premium Cake Pans is solely dedicated to bringing you top of the lined cake pans that you can count on. The cake pans are typically made of aluminum with some amount of steel to yield a pan that is durable and offers even distribution of heat so that the dish is baked through evenly.

It is a safe investment because these pans do not rust or dent easily, so you hold on to your pan collection for a long time. Additionally, some cake pans are also made of Silicone so along with good conduction of heat; these pans also allow quick cooling and setting of any dessert or pie.


Types of Round Cake Pans

Even in the arena of round cake pans, there is a wide range to choose. You have your standard round pans or if you constantly find that your cakes tend to stick to the base of the pan, then you can either grease it up well or just go for cake rings.

Cake rings work great for baking as well, and at the end, you can just slide the ring right off and get your cake. However, these work better for thicker batters such as brownie batter.

Then there are angel cake pans that also lie in the family of round cake pans, along with spring foam pans. Both these pans come inseparable components so that it is easier to remove the cake once it has been baked through.

Angel pans in particular work great for thinner batters and prevents the cake from losing its shape once it has been left to cool. Similarly, spring foam pans are more recommended for cheesecakes because the base can be detached easily to let the cheesecake cool and set in the without ruining its structure once the sides of the pan are removed.  




Baking is an enjoyable activity (especially for those of us who tend to have more of a sweet tooth), but it can be a bit nerve-wracking sometimes because it seems as though there are multiple things that can go wrong.

However, starting with the right equipment is the first step to success and a scrumptious cake, and we guarantee that these cake pans will do just that, happy baking!